The Apple and Its Creator

by in4maniac

“The visionary in the black turtleneck”, a cliché familiar to the majority of the world was a clear bench mark of innovation itself. He was always famous in the industry as a person who would set up new levels of standardization for every aspect of technological application while the rest were worried about uplifting the existing standards. He always dared to venture the stranger tides before rest of his contenders, to be the change that would revolutionize the digital consumer industry. He constantly managed to oversee the future of the industry and be the first to adapt to it. Daring to be different, always worked for him.It is amazing how he inspired a whole world to follow him. He always was the first to see and opportunity and streamline resources to realize it. Starting with design, to the technical detail, he revolutionized the digital consumer industry. Steve always believed that the success of a product depended on its look and feel rather than the raw technical perfection. It is one ideology that he proved to be correct in every product he introduced to the world. He was one of the first persons on earth to identify the usefulness of Graphical User Interface (GUI) and control potential of the Mouse. But the most important reality behind this truth is that he was the first person to integrate these concepts with iconic “1984” to redefine consumer expectations. His primary vision for Apple was to always achieve minimalist design. His contribution towards music is also impeccable. The itunes revolutionized the sole idea of purchase of music and other media content in the entertainment industry. The tweets from various artists in response to Steve’s death prove its capacity. Then comes the “i”conic family of digital consumer products which he proudly introduced to the global consumer himself. Ipod,(2001), MacBook (2006), iPhone (2007) and the iPad (2010). These were products that redefined portable music players, laptops, smartphones and tablet PC on their own domains. Apple’s contribution towards device usability has been immense and its popularity has triggered major usability changes in mainstream contender products and services. His quotes have always driven people totake example of his revolutionary, daring qualities. Some of the noteworthy quotes are as follows.

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“When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there, But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions.”

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”

”Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs was no saint though. He wasn’t god either. He was very famous among his collogues for throwing temper tantrums at employees and firing them unnecessarily. He was also unpopular in philanthropic work.  While his competitor billionaires such as Bill Gates invited the wealthy to share half of their fortunes with the suffering helpless, Steve never joined hands with them. He always focused his ideology around expanding Apple and bringing out more products. In the first biography of his which is due this November, there is an insight about some of his confessions towards his early life. And being gifted with such revolutionary skill of innovation and creativity, there is no indication of any instance where this marvelous ability has been utilized for community service or social benefit. The luxuries and services of his wonderful mind were limited to the affordable and it always came at a cost.

Apple and the global digital consumer community as a whole mourn at this dark hour of fate. The ship has lost a great captain. It can be seen all over the internet how hard this bad news has struck the world community. It has also been a massive blow for Apple Inc. as both they and majority of its clientele have been confiding on Steve Jobs than the company itself. This can analyzed as a consequence of the immense media attention given to Steve. This tendency can be very well explained when Wall Street reports a drop of apple shares by 0.2% on the day he stepped down and by 0.7% on the day of his departure. These fluctuations are showing that a considerable number of shareholders have been confiding more on Jobs’ skills and capabilities than of Apple family as a whole. But it is very unlikely to predict that Steve’s departure will make the decline of Apple Inc.

“I mean, some people say, ‘Oh, God, if [Jobs] got run over by a bus, Apple would be in trouble.’ And, you know, I think it wouldn’t be a party, but there are really capable people at Apple. My job is to make the whole executive team good enough to be successors, so that’s what I try to do.”

Steve Jobs, CNN Money

Apple has one of the most dynamic and energetic workforces in the whole wide world. And these experts have been molded in to a highly intensive and innovative organizational culture while tempering the creative skills every second. It is very unlikely and misleading for people to assume that a company like apple would die off just by the death of Steve Jobs. Chances are the legacies will continue for the generations to come.

The way the world community took this message is quite interesting though.

“The popular reaction to his demise is an indicator of the obsessive materialism of the world we live in… I am disappointed that we have no better visionaries to admire… visionaries whose talents are focused more on social and cultural innovation than material innovations…”

-A very Understanding Friend-

This is a very interesting concept that is worth exploring. It is true that admiration of such materialistic perfection suggests the obsession of material on a global scale. This idea actually makes perfect sense. But it is also noteworthy that when seeking example from Steve’s character, one always has a choice to take what is right and useful and reject what is wrong. As mentioned above, Steve Jobs is neither god nor a saint. He has had his flaws. In terms of material innovation, he has had a great ride and given so many lessons to the community to indulge in. It is the responsibility of the community to analyze them and use his lessons in realizing creativity and innovation with a social and cultural value. The ones who learn from him should also be responsible to utilize his skills and wisdom in favour of the global community that does not measure monetary success. There is a great possibility that there are a handful of people who been inspired by jobs with perfect understanding and utilized their knowledge and experience with more social responsibility. The bottom line is sometimes you have to be a pirate to get a social cause up and running. And this wonderful idea of his is highly relevant to social service in these terms.

Steve’s apple will always bear bright and shine before us as shiny and tempting as it can get. But, it is our actions that would define our role in this play. If we would be Adams and Eves who would misuse this marvelous creation under materialistic obsession or a bunch of Newtons who would look at it in an optimistic perspective to understand the “”Gravity of his lessons” is our choice. His life and examples will leave before use numerous possibilities and opportunities. But it is us who would decide how the change is going to affect the social system at the end of the day.