Unfortunately, That Day Has Come: The Life of a True Visionary

by in4maniac

It was shocking news on Thursday morning to see my facebook wall overflowing with a spree of status updates and comments that could be described with key words Steve Jobs, Apple, RIP and iSad.  Indeed half of the tech community of the world was in a very bad emotional status. Steve Jobs, the celebrity CEO who made many a dream, a living realty has indeed rested in peace. The hotshot technology change maker sought the realms of death at 56, on October 5, 2011 after a long and bitter battle with pancreatic cancer since 2004. It seemed to the whole world that he saw it coming with his retirement from the executive direction of Apple Inc. a legendary success story he built himself from a garage in Silicon Valley to a global staking technological superpower that redefined way of life for the 21st century human being.


Steve was born on February 24th, 1955 to unwedded parents and was later adopted. He was raised in Cupertino, CA, Apple’s long time home. He showed promising signs of a genius on the making from his early stages of life. He called Mr. William Hawelette to obtain certain computer parts for one of his college projects at the time when Steve was just a teenager. Not only did he win the required parts, but did he win William’s heart and a summer internship at Havelette Packard (HP). After being selected to Reeds Collage, Portland, Steve dropped out of college and headed his sail to India for spiritual exploration and psychedelic experiences.

While at HP, Jobs made friends with Steve Wozniak. Then, both of them joined the Silicon Valley Computer Hobbyist club where they met their other cofounders of apple. With the main contribution from Jobs and Wazniak, Apple was launched on April 1, 1976. And their company thrived forward rapidly with their innovations and soon jobs recruited Micheal Scott, an experienced CEO to manage the rapid growth of Apple while steering it to greener pastures. With the launch of Apple II, Apple revolutionized the Personal Computer Market being one of the first popular and successful mass market products. After jobs was relieved from his duties at apple after a conflict of interest between him and John Scully, the contemporary chairman of Apple at that time, Jobs went  to join NeXT Computer systems where he focused more on Software industry.  After a rapid growth of NeXT in the years to come, Jobs bought PIXAR, formerly known as the Graphic Group. Which he envisioned and boosted into a multimillion company that created hit 3D animation movies like the toy story series. In 1996, apple bought NeXT and jobs was back on home grounds. But this time, he had the steering wheel.

In 2001, Apple entered the portable music player industry under the patronage of Steve to launch the revolutionary iPod mp3 music player that stands out sustaining highest sales under the same brand to this day. In 2007, apple takes a leap forward and enters the mobile handset market with the iPhone. And Apple’s first venture into business mobile phones industry was a smash hit selling more than 100 million handsets worldwide to become the smartphone market leader. April 2010 marked the birth of the latest member of i’s to the Apple family, the iPad. iPad also marked a benchmark in tablet PC industry for its contender products to abide by. Along the evolution of Apple Inc. from its humble beginnings to the glorious present, Steve has always been the leading decision maker who dared to keep his stakes in changing every core ideology behind digital life. And he took trouble to introduce a handful of his little baby “i”s to the world himself.

Since 2004, the future of apple has been quite shaky by the on and off disappearance of Steve Jobs from the leadership chair. His concerns over his health condition managed to attract a lot of media attention which he least fancied at times of such. And this man leaves a void in our hearts and souls by a well- structured departure. Steve steps down from executive chairmanship to give his place to Tim Cook, the former Chief Operations Officer of Apple to join the team as a non- executive chairman. And he passes away on October 5, 2011 leaving millions of fans, consumers, followers and disciples in a state of shock.