About Me


The era of the statisticians and software engineers is shadowed by the emergence of the data scientist. Data engineers have taken over the cloud and HPC domains in an era dominated by data scientists and data engineers. A data engineer can tame a mammoth of data and make it consumable. A data scientist consumes tamed data to build amazing predictors and bring insight. But the disconnect inbetween eventually leads to a unified yet sub optimal system.

So, there’s geeks like me !! “Data Science Engineers” who’s role is to bring the best of both these worlds together. To design and build scalable data pipelines that are perfectly optimised for different data science tasks.

I am Sahan, an enthusiastic data geek obsessed with High Performance Computing. I graduated from University of Portsmouth with a First Class Honours in Computer Science at the age of 19. Having a strong interest towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from young age, I went ahead to pursue a postgraduate diploma in Applied Statistics. Later I pursued a Master in Compuational Statistics and Machine Learning from prestigous University College London before I left for the Silicon Valley to do a year long research fellowship at Cisco Systems.

I’ve also worked in various domains ranging from Software engieering, Computational Biology, Cybersecurity and Academic research on and off while at University. I have several years of professional experience. My whole career has been a series of roles in Research and Advanced Development teams with alot of focus on new product development and building proof of concepts.

When I am not having my ‘geek’ on, I enjoy music. I love singing and listing to choral music. I am a huge fan of John Rutter. Apart from choral music, I listen to pop, indie pop, country and electronic music (anything melodious). I also enjoy playing the guitar, violin and mandelin for relaxation.

The era of big data is coming to an end now… Now it is the era of big information